MASH Touch

MASH Touch

About MASH Touch

The Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House (MASH) game available on the App Store.

The best bang for you buck MASH Game on the App Store! Get the most out of your money!

MASH for all your iDevices! Unique iPad gameplay!

2 Games in 1. Play MASH Classic or MASH Square!

Unique, funny stories. Over 1 trillion possible stories!

Now with Kiip Rewards! Earn real-life rewards!

Apple is not a sponsor of any Kiip reward or promotion.

You remember MASH don't you?!

Well, the pencil and paper fortune telling game is back and ready to reveal everything about your future!

Relive the fun memories with MASH Touch!


Play MASH the Classic way and the Square way.

Unique iPad experience.

44 Questions!

The most questions asked on the App Store!

Fully customizable MASH Square

Predict your future with a spiral, number, or play random.

Save your Stories!

Create your own categories

Create your own items/spouses

View your results as a story!

Over 1 TRILLION possible stories to be told.

Uses your Contacts List as a list of possible spouses

Twitter your results (iOS 5)

Share your stories on Facebook

Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later