MASH Touch Lite

About MASH Touch Lite

You remember MASH don't you?!

Well, the pencil and paper fortune telling game is back and ready to reveal everything about your future!

The BEST Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House game available on the App Store. This version let's you try MASH Touch out for free. In the full version you can completely customize everything, and it comes with 36 more categories! You can Twitter and Facebook your results too! Check it out!

MASH Touch takes the traditional MASH game beyond it's roots. What you won't see in other versions of MASH is the HILARIOUS stories we tell you once your future is predicted.


The Only 2 in 1 MASH Game on the App Store!

Over 16 Million predictions have been made!

Unique iPad gameplay! (Full Version)

8 Categories to choose from (Marriage Spouse, Kids (#), Career, City, Wedding Dress Color, Wedding Theme, Superability, Role Model)

Randomize your selections

View your results as a story!

Currently 54,000,000+ possible stories to be told

Use your Contacts List as a list of possible marriage spouses