About Showcase

Showcase is an app for showcasing your products, services, data, ideas, or simply whatever your heart desires.

Add a professional touch to your business.
Use Showcase at conventions, exhibits, in your store front, display booth, pop up shop, or coffee shop client meeting - you can even integrate it in your presentations. Are you a student? You can use it with your science fair booth.

Showcase is like a professional photo gallery, but it's more than that. You may add a title and description to your photos. Allow your existing or prospective clients to interact with your iPad rather than view a slideshow from afar.

Look professional by customizing colors to your corporate color palette, and add a watermark logo to the background. Zoom in on photos, or have a video play instead.

Showcase was built as a presentation tool. To allow you to create a portal in which you can allow others to explore what you have to showcase.

Showcase is free, so give it a go and try it out.

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. iPad Only.


Create/Edit Showcases.

Add photos, a title, and a description.

Customize colors and fonts.

Add actions to photos.

Go Live for 15 minutes.


Customize colors via HEX code or RGB values.

Change Fonts.

Zoom in on photos.

Play videos (on photo tap).

Watermark logo the background.